Flea Bite Treatments for Humans

Stop Fleas Bites from Itching

Flea saliva contains allergens which can be irritating to skin at the bite location. In time, flea bites will go away on their own without treatment. However, for quick relief from the itching sensation, a hydrocortisone lotion or anti-itch cream can be used. The topical antihistamine will diminish the symptoms associated with the allergic response to insect bites.

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Product NameKirkland HydrocortisoneAveeno HydrocortisoneBenadryl Itch StoppingCortizone 10 Hydrocortisone
Size8 ounces2 ounces2 ounces2 ounces
Use OnSkinSkinSkinSkin
Active IngredientsHydrocortisoneHydrocortisoneDiphenhydramine
Zinc acetate
A.I. Concentration1%1%2.0%
Product Label
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