What color are flea cocoons?

what color are flea cocoons

Marcelo de Campos Pereira

Img 1 Cat flea cocoons get covered with debris and become camouflaged in their environment.


Cat flea cocoons are composed of a white silk. However, the cocoons quickly become camouflaged. The sticky threads readily collects debris from the surrounding environment.


Flea cocoons are spun with a white silk-like substance. The soft, moist fibers are loosely wrapped around the larvae. As a result, debris and dirt easily adhere to the cocoons. The particles may include dust, sand, soil, and carpet fibers Img 1.

The cocoons end up developing in the same environment where the debris was picked up from. They blend into their surroundings, almost perfectly camouflaged. The once white cocoons become nearly impossible to see. They look like small lint balls or dirt clods.


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