Do flea eggs move?


Flea eggs don’t move on their own. However, they do travel from where they’re initially deposited. The eggs are laid on a host and get carried around. Eventually, they dry and dislodge from the animal’s fur to drop into the environment.


Flea Eggs are Laid on Hosts

Female fleas lay their eggs directly on their host. The eggs are deposited into the pelage of the host animal.

Flea Eggs Fall into the Environment

Initially, flea eggs are wet and sticky. However, they dry rapidly and become non-adherent. Once dry, the eggs easily fall from the animal and into the environment. Close to 60% drop off of the host within two hours of being laid. 70% are dislodged by the eighth hour.

The host’s habits, such as range and grooming behavior, determine where flea eggs get carried and distributed. Most eggs end up in areas where pets frequently rest.


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