Does vacuuming kill flea eggs?


Vacuuming removes up to 90% of flea eggs from carpets. All of the sucked up eggs get killed in the process. The denser the carpet, the less effective vacuums are at removing flea eggs.

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Vacuuming & Flea Eggs

Do vacuums remove eggs from carpets?

Vacuuming can remove up to 90% of flea eggs from carpeting. However, in one study, a beater-bar style vacuum only removed 32-59% of the eggs. Unsurprisingly, higher density carpets reduce the effectiveness of vacuuming.

Do vacuums kill flea eggs?

Vacuum cleaners kill 100% of the removed flea eggs. They can’t survive the act of getting sucked up. The referenced study only tested the mortality of larvae, pupae, and adults. However, the author stated, “I did not include eggs in the vacuum study, but I’m sure they would not have survived.” Mortality occurs from the physical trauma caused by strong air currents, brushes, and fans.

Vacuum Every Other Day

Flea eggs are much easier to remove from carpets than larvae. The eggs hatch 2 to 3 days after being laid. Thus, for maximum control, it’s best to vacuum at least every other day. Regular vacuuming is an important part of any flea control program.

Other Benefits of Vacuuming

A beneficial side-effect of vacuuming is that carpet fibers get lifted and straightened. This increases the effectiveness of flea sprays by allowing deeper penetration into the carpeting. Thus, the unremoved eggs have a higher chance of being exposed to insecticide.


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