Pictures of Flea Eggs

picture of a cat flea egg on finger

Denni Schnapp

Img 1 Picture of cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) eggs on a finger tip.

illustration of cat flea egg size


Img 2 Illustration showing the size of a cat flea egg compared to the tip of a sharp #2 pencil (1 mm).

picture of a cat flea eggs on fabric

Denni Schnapp

Img 3 Picture of cat flea eggs on on dark fabric.

macrograph of a flea egg

Russ Crutcher

Img 4 Close-up macrograph of a cat flea egg.

cat flea eggs at 500x magnification

Flea Eggs Time-Lapse

Img 5 Cat flea eggs at 500x magnification.

cat flea egg electron microscope

Cat Flea Biology

Img 6 Electron microscope image of a cat flea egg.

animated gif of flea laying an egg

See a Flea Magnified

Img 7 Female cat flea laying an egg.

animated gif of cat flea laying an egg in a dogs fur

Fleas — Michael Dryden, DVM, MS, PhD

Img 8 Adult cat flea laying an egg in a dog’s haircoat.

picture of flea larvae hatching from egg

Cat Flea Biology

Img 9 A cat flea larva hatching from its egg.

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