Do fleas lay eggs on dogs and cats?

animated gif of cat flea laying an egg in a dogs fur

Fleas — Michael Dryden, DVM, MS, PhD

Img 1 Animated GIF of a cat flea laying an egg in a dog’s haircoat.


Fleas do lay eggs on dogs and cats. Once fleas are on a host, they won’t leave by their own volition. They feed, mate, and lay eggs on the animal.


Permanent Ectoparasites

Adult cat fleas are permanent ectoparasites. They’ve developed a persistent relationship with their hosts. Once on a host, they live there and will rarely leave voluntarily. Female fleas feed, mate, and deposit eggs on the host animal. The eggs get laid directly into the fur of cats and dogs.

Where Fleas Lay Eggs on Dogs & Cats

Fleas can be found anywhere on animals, but most are located where the host has a difficult time grooming. Fleas tend to live on the neck and back regions of cats, and near the hips on dogs. Eggs are most likely found around these areas as well.

The Eggs Fall into the Environment

Fresh flea eggs are wet and sticky, so they don’t fall from the host right away. However, they dry quickly and become non-adherent due to their round shape and smooth chorion (shell). The eggs will fall from the animal’s pelage within a few hours of being laid. They then develop in the environment.


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