Pictures of Flea Larvae

picture of a flea larva on white background

Peter J. Bryant

Img 1 Picture of a cat flea larva (Ctenocephalides felis) on a light-colored background.

picture of a cat flea larva under microscope with red blood in its digestive track


Img 2 Microscope image of a cat flea larva (baby flea) with visible red blood in its digestive track.

illustration of flea larva


Img 3 Illustration of a cat flea larva compared to the size of a sharp #2 pencil tip (1 mm).

picture of shed flea larval casings

Auguste Le Roux

Img 4 Picture of shed larval casings from previous moults, along with an egg and feces from adults.

picture of white prepupae larvae of the cat flea

Auguste Le Roux

Img 5 Picture of 3rd instar cat flea larva in the prepupa stage after voiding its gut.

animated gif of flea larvae living in carpet fibers

Fleas — Michael Dryden, DVM, MS, PhD

Img 6 Flea larvae living within carpet fibers, the most common place to find larvae in homes.

picture of baby flea hatching from egg

Cat Flea Biology

Img 7 Cat flea larva hatching from its egg with an egg burster spine located on its head.

picture of flea larva ctenocephalides felis eating flea dirt

Cat Flea Biology

Img 8 Cat flea larvae feeding on a spherule of adult fecal blood (“flea dirt”).

picture of cat flea larvae forming a cocoon

Cat Flea Biology

Img 9 A cat flea larva creating a silken cocoon. The mandibles are used to form the structure while silk is excreted from labial (salivary) glands.

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