Videos of Flea Larvae

Larval flea in dog bed

Vid 1 Video of a cat flea larva crawling around a dog’s bed. See the pointing finger for a size comparison.

Flea larvae in carpet

Vid 2 Video of cat flea larvae moving in the carpeting within a home, which is the most common place to find larvae.

Flea Larva Emerging From Egg

Vid 3 Video of a cat flea larva emerging from its egg. Also in the image is adult flea feces, and sugar to refract light.

Shy flea larvae

Vid 4 Video of cat flea larvae reactions to human fingers (good for judging size).

Flea Larvae

Vid 5 Video showing a cat flea larva under a microscope. The red digestive track, body segments, and bristles are clearly visible.

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