What color are flea pupae?

flea pupae white color

Auguste Le Roux

Img 1 After the larval-pupal molt, flea pupae are initially white.


Flea pupae are initially white. As they age, they’ll turn yellow, and then finally brown. These color changes are rarely seen, as most fleas pupate within camouflaged cocoons.


Flea Pupae Color

Flea pupae, after the larval-pupal molt, are initially white for 5 to 9 days. They then transition into yellowish color for 2 to 3 days. Finally, the pupae darken into a brown color. Their bristles and combs turn black 1 to 2 days into the brown stage. All these color changes occur on the underlying adult cuticle. The pupal cuticle remains colorless. Pre-emerged fleas within their pupal casing are nearly as dark as adult fleas.

flea pupae brown color

Auguste Le Roux

Img 2 Mature flea pupae are a brown color, nearly as dark as adult fleas.

Flea Cocoon Color

Most fleas pupate within cocoons, which consist of a white, silk-like material. The soft, moist fibers loosely envelope the flea. Thus, debris readily adheres to the sticky cocoons. They quickly get coated with dust, sand, soil, and carpet fibers. As a result, the cocoons blend into their surrounding, almost perfectly camouflaged.

camo flea cocoons

Marcelo de Campos Pereira

Img 3: Flea cocoons camouflaged with debris from the environment.


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