4+ months since cat died. Am I doing anything wrong?

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QuestionsCategory: Flea Infestations4+ months since cat died. Am I doing anything wrong?
NCGal asked 4 weeks ago

Adam, thanks again for this site. This is a follow up.
So my cat is gone now since the beginning of August. We first detected fleas in September and have done the bombing and two full house treatments of Knockout in September, a few weeks apart. Since then we’ve spot treated a problem area in the living room a few times with Knockout. 
The only way we know we still have some fleas is from the Victor traps we set up. We go days, even a week with nothing caught, and then we find 5 or 6 overnight. They’re mainly tiny fleas I can’t see unless I put my glasses on, but occasionally we see a plumper one. That would seem to indicate the flea has fed, but we’re not getting any bites, and we’re not seeing any live ones. seeing any live ones.
We’re still vacuuming several times a week. The only rationale I can think of is that as much as we vacuum there are still pupae in the cracks of our wood floors. We have no carpet. 
We’re spot treating again, today, around the problem area in the living room.
Is there something else we should do?
Thank you. Happy holidays!

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 3 weeks ago


Your analysis is similar to mine: The last cocooned adults are emerging. I can’t think of any further steps you should need to take besides vacuuming and spot treating.

Without pets, and without bites on people in the home, it’s strange that you are seeing what seem to be engorged fleas. I am not sure how to explain that. Mice can serve as hosts to rodent fleas, but you mentioned in a previous question that you were fairly certain they were cat fleas (C. felis), which wouldn’t bite rodents.

I think I’ve mentioned in a previous answer that cocooned adults can survive for up to 5 months in a quiescent state. There shouldn’t be any fleas that can survive longer than 6 months from your cat’s passing (1 month to mature from eggs, 5 months as quiescent cocooned adults). If you see fleas beyond the 6 month mark, something odd is going on, and I’d suggest hiring professional pest control to come take a look in person.

It sounds like your infestation is almost over. Hopefully the fleas will be extinct in your home shortly and further control efforts won’t be necessary.

Warm regards,