6 weeks nothing then 4 more fleas.

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QuestionsCategory: Flea Infestations6 weeks nothing then 4 more fleas.
Meee asked 2 weeks ago

We have 3 months Advantage II treatment under the belt. 2 days before the 4th dose, I’ve found 4 fleas on our cat. I hadn’t seen any for about 6 weeks. When I first spotted them on him there were a terrible amount. Probably found about 100 dead ones in 4 days. He’s an indoor cat but we somehow got them anyway. Are we likely coming to the end of it? Are these just cocoons that have been woken up buy our cat getting into a nook or cranny in the house that he hasn’t been in a while? He did hide from visitors over Christmas in an area that\’s hard for us to get to. Maybe there were eggs there.  The 4 I found were various sizes which worries me. Would that mean that some aren\’t from cocoons and I have fully fledged surviving adults again that aren\’t being killed by Advantage anymore? I feel like I’m losing it as I have Lyme disease and have issues with bugs. For obvious reasons as a tick ruined my life. I love my cat more than anything and want him to be comfortable and healthy too. I need to fix this for all of us. But I feel disheartened that I saw none for 6 weeks and now 4 again out of nowhere. I am applying Advantage II correctly and on time. And vacuuming. Washed everything numerous times and threw loads of fabric and a couch out. Is it safe to continue the Advantage II for 6 months to be sure?This is my own personal hell right now and it feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I would appreciate any advice or comments please. Thank you for your time.