Are fleas attracted to my tablet light?

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QuestionsCategory: Flea BiologyAre fleas attracted to my tablet light?
sadman asked 3 weeks ago

Hi! I don’t have pets! I moved into an apartment that had fleas and the landlord paid for an exterminator. We’re doing the borax method currently but as I was looking up traps I read that lights attracted fleas I’m not sure how true that is but now I am concerned that if I’m lying in bed on my tablet late at night in my dark room I’ll get some fleas jumping on me and that’s just not cool.

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 weeks ago


Fleas shouldn’t be in your bed. They can only jump to the height of a human ankle. However, if sheets are hanging low to the ground, then they may have a route onto the bed.

It is true that light attracts fleas, especially green-yellow light that is intermittently turned on and off. Read more details about what attracts fleas.

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