Bites on body and in hair

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ackeek asked 3 months ago

I seem to be highly attractive to fleas. I get bites around my ankles, face and in my hair when no one else does. I have fibromyalgia so I guess they sense the poor immune sysyem. What can I use to treat the itching and get them out of my hair. The “usual” things are not working- cortisone, etc, and shampooing hit or miss unless I use something as toxic to me as the fleas.

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 months ago


It’s uncommon for fleas to bite human faces or get in human hair. Are you positive they are fleas, and not some other pest? Fleas develop on the ground. And they can only jump to the height of a human ankle. Upon finding exposed skin, they feed quickly without wandering around, and then they leave immediately afterwards. So, getting bites near your head shouldn’t happen unless fleas are in your bed, or you are laying on the floor. And they shouldn’t stay in your hair.

Fleas shouldn’t be in your bed unless an infested pet sleeps there. To prevent fleas in beds, don’t allow pets to sleep there. Also, tuck the bedding in so it doesn’t hang low to the ground. Low hanging sheets may give fleas access onto the bed. Most beds are too high for fleas to jump onto otherwise. If you already have fleas in your bed, laundering the sheets will kill them.

Flea bites are treated like other insect bites. Cortisone creams and other anti-itch creams are the standard over-the-counter options. However your situation seems a bit strange and severe. You may want to consider seeing a physician, as they could get a better idea of what is going on, and possibly prescribe some stronger antihistamines.

Hope this help!