Combed bug off cat that moves differently than the other fleas I've seen

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsCombed bug off cat that moves differently than the other fleas I've seen
Kclem0525 asked 1 month ago

I’ve had fleas since July. They’re mostly gone now, but just now I combed this black beetle thing around the size of a flea off my cat. It didn’t quite move like other fleas I’ve seen, which jump basically. And it definitely wasn’t a bed bug. But I crumpled it up in the paper and flushed it down the toilet so I didn’t get a pic of it. Would a regular black beetle just randomly be on my cat? He gets out sometimes when we open the door and likes to sniff around on the porch but like only for 10 sec. Idk do little beetles hang out there? I haven’t been combing any dirt or any other fleas except that one but which kinda scurried pretty fast across the paper but not jerky like a flea, more smooth like a regular beetle and it wasn’t as thin as a flea but Idk anymore. Does anyone know?

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 3 weeks ago


It certainly doesn’t sound like a flea. I am not sure what kind of beetle it was though. It would be helpful to have a photograph of it. Maybe someone else will come across your question here and have an idea of what insect it was.

You may also want to check to check out to get an identification. But, again, a photo is probably needed.

Warm regards,