Do people differ in flea attraction?

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QuestionsCategory: OtherDo people differ in flea attraction?
WebAndNetdotcom asked 8 months ago

I get bitten while walking barefooted into a vinyl floored bathroom.    My elderly mother doesn’t get bitten while in shorts, bare legged, in bathroom or otFher parts of same house.   

Do people differ widely in flea bite attraction?

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 8 months ago

This is a common question. There are many anecdotal reports of flea preference between individual people. Unfortunately, I’ve never read anything in the literature about this topic. The article on What Attracts Fleas contains comprehensive information of what I’ve researched.

I think some of these reports have to do with where different people spend the most time (e.g. some people will spend more time in flea hot-spots). However, there may be other factors involved with feeding preference in humans, they just haven’t been studied as far as I can tell.

Sorry I can’t shed more light on this topic.

Warm regards,

WebAndNetdotcom replied 8 months ago

Thank you Adam.