Flea bites four months after exterminator, no pets.

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsFlea bites four months after exterminator, no pets.
Losing Hope asked 4 days ago

Im feeling super discouraged. I cat sat for a friend and had the cat in my house for two weeks at the end of August. Left for a trip the day after dropping the cat back to the owner and when I returned had a full on flea infestation in my apartment. The landlord had an exterminator come the first week of October and I called him back after still seeing fleas two weeks later. Since then I haven’t seen any live fleas but was getting the odd bite here and there. In the last week all of a sudden I’ve gotten over 12 bites on my body. I still have not seen a flea living or dead, I vacuumed diligently through October. Is there a reason for this sudden resurgence? I don’t have any pets and this seems so extreme for having had an animal in the house for two weeks, also the owners claim the cat did not have fleas when they received it and did not have any trouble at their house. When will I finally be flea free? Hesitant to call the landlord as the three month guarantee from the pest control is over and I don’t want to get into an unnecessary extra cost, but I’m starting to go a little crazy :/ thanks for your help!