Flea eggs on my cat after frontline

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsFlea eggs on my cat after frontline
RML asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I have an infestation gong on in my house at the moment. I gave Frontline to my cats 1 week ago and one of my cat, still leaves a trail of flea eggs every time he leves  his blanket. i’d say im hoovering from the blanket about 100/day. Just 1 minute ago i saw a flea jumping in the couch, i got my light on to try and catch and she laid an egg in front of me! Not sure if she was poisoned as she was jumping but i managed to kill it. I just bought frontline Plus for next time but… i thought frontline would kill the fleas before they got the chance to lay eggs! Im finding 3-4 fleas dead per day so i suppose its working.  My cat is diabetic and has insulin shots to the back of the neck, so i don’t know if that might have had some  impact on the effectivity of the treatment. My other cat… i have seen like 5-10 eggs only on the last week. I googled it but nobody seems to complain of flea eggs after treatment.