Flea problem

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Samc asked 3 weeks ago

Hello I have received a kitten from a farm and returning to my home after a few days I noticed she has fleas and now so does my dog. My dog has been biting so badly she is losing patches of hair I have been treating and bathing.i recently found out that steam cleaning the home with help so I just spent an hour doing that. I don’t know what to do about it anymore. Please help. The hubby is getting really crabby due to the dog scratching and biting at her self. Please please help.  I have also done dawn dish soap baths aa well as putting baking soda on the pets 

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 weeks ago


Please see our page on how to get rid of fleas. It contains a comprehensive guide. Let me know if you have further questions after reading this page.

One thing I will mention is that it probably isn’t a good idea to bathe the dog often after being treated. This is especially true with Dawn, which will remove the dog’s natural oils that most flea drops work through.

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