Flea re-infestation possible from other apartments?

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsFlea re-infestation possible from other apartments?
feckweed405 asked 5 months ago

I live on the third floor of an apartment building with 12 units (4 on each floor), with at least 5 of the units having dogs. My indoor-only cats came up with fleas July 5th and by then I had an infestation. I treated them with Advantage II, vacuum daily all the areas that they go, wash all bedding and treated once myself completely with Knockout spray (permethrin, Nylar), once by an exterminator hired by the apartments last Tuesday (not sure what he used but smelled a lot like what I used) and I spot treated the hot spots again yesterday with Knockout. Unfortunately I seem to be having more biting adults at night than when I started. Is it possible that I am seeing re-infestation from other apartments or do you think I just need to ride out the evening insanity and it will end soon? I wasn’t home when the exterminator was there and I am wondering whether he treated the other apartments, as they said he was going to do. I am not sure that other apartments were infested, but a few neighbors with dogs reported fleas and were much less upset with them than I was. Thanks again for all your help on behalf of all of us wanting this to end!

2 Answers
feckweed405 answered 5 months ago

Brief update: talked with the apartment manager and apparently the problem isn’t restricted to my building so they are treating the grounds for fleas today. Still hoping that all apartments with pets will be treated so that the cats and I can get some good sleep soon!

Adam Retzer Staff answered 4 months ago

Sorry to hear about your flea problem, and that of your whole apartment complex.

Infestations often appear to get worse after treatment. This is a bit of an illusion. It is because 95-99% of infestations are composed of eggs, larvae, and pupae living in the environment. They are hidden from sight, and semi-protected from chemical treatments. Infestations are noticed upon detecting adult fleas, and then treatment begins. Soon after, all of the immature stages that were previously unseen will mature and emerge as adults. Then the infestation appears to have worsened.

Regarding how quickly the infestation will end, I addressed that in your other question.

Hope this is helpful!