flea transfer between homes

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HelloKitty asked 7 months ago

Hi there, the people who were in our house just over a month ago had a dog and left us with fleas.  We don’t have pets but have had to deal with the fleas biting us.  If a flea or two tagged along on us when we visit a friend, who does have a cat but is treated for fleas, will we start an infestation at their house?

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 5 months ago


Yes, you could potentially start an infestation in your friend’s house if a flea hitch-hiked on you to their home. The flea could leave you and jump onto the cat. The chances are slim though. And if the cat is properly treated for fleas, the odds are extremely minuscule.

Most flea infestations start from eggs. Fleas lay eggs on their host, but the eggs aren’t sticky and fall within a few hours. When an infested animal, like a raccoon or feral cat, enters a yard, then the eggs fall and develop into adults that eventually infest the pet living there.

Hope this helps! And sorry I didn’t get to your question sooner.