Fleas an no pets

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Michelle asked 3 months ago

Hi I have noticed fleas in my apt for the past 3 months or so do pets have bn in my home now lives here for 3 yrs an no problem until now me an my daughter are getting bit I have sprayed throughout the whole apt an still getting bit I\’m so stressed out please help

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 3 months ago

The only flea species that can survive and reproduce on human blood are human fleas (P. irritans). If you’ve had fleas for multiple months with no pets in the home, then this is likely the species you’re dealing with.

This site isn’t focused heavily on human fleas, as it’s a somewhat rare species. Regardless, control is similar for all species. Take a look at our How to get rid of fleas page for comprehensive control information. Obviously the section about pet treatments can be ignored.

If you have further questions let me know!

Michelle replied 2 months ago

OK thank u its been since July that we have baby getting bit but I don’t see any fleas around an I have did the fleas trap with the light an bowl an no fleas how offensive would I be seeing fleas if I had a infestation