Fleas with no pets

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Madaline asked 1 month ago

I am staying in a 9th floor condo.  It has been vacant for a month.  There have been no animals with fleas, but there was some cushions given to the owner who lives on the 11th floor.  She has a dog, but that dog has never had fleas.  How could we possibly get fleas?  I have been following your advise and am trying not give them a “meal” off of me.  I bombed the condo, and am grateful that the fleas have pretty much remained in the room where the cushions were.  I see fleas everyday, and continue to vacuum and try a natural remedy. Lemon/vinegar.  I am hoping that I am winning the battle but am totally mystified!  It has been 7 days.   Is there any suggestions you may have in this matter?  Thanks!

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Perhaps the previous tenant had fleas, in which case it will take around 8 weeks for them to die out (up to 5 months). Perhaps they are human fleas (P. irritans), which can survive and reproduce on human blood. However, this is a somewhat rare species. In all likelihood you are dealing with cat fleas (C. felis), which can’t survive or reproduce on human blood. Or perhaps there are rodents on the property that have rodent fleas.

Regular vacuuming is the best course of action you can take. Without pets there, the fleas you are seeing should be the last generation. They should die out in time. If you do have P. irritans, it would be a good idea to spray some insect growth regulator on the premises to prevent eggs and larvae from maturing. Martin’s IGR is a good option.

Again, keep in mind, it will take a few months before the infestation ends. This is because the bulk of the infestation is made of immature stages in the environment. These stages need to mature into adults and die before the infestation ends.

Hope this helps!