Fleas won't go away

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsFleas won't go away
charlotte asked 1 week ago

We first noticed fleas on our dogs on September 2nd. We treated with Capsta and Frontline. We laundered all bedding, vacuumed rugs, hardwood, mattresses and furniture and mopped the hardwood. I have been continuing to vacuum usually every other day and washing the pet bedding two to three times a week. We did not see the Frontline working so our vet recommended the Nexgard chew a week later. We had a pest control company treat our home and do a follow up two weeks later.  Servpro came and professionally vacuumed and cleaned our rugs and furniture. I have been giving the dogs Capstar pills once a week. We are over a month in and the dogs are still itching like crazy.  Last night I pulled more live fleas off of our small dog than I have ever seen at once. I feel like I have gone above and beyond to take care of this but nothing is working. I have tried the dish soap trap six or eight times and only caught two or three fleas. We don\’t see them around the house, just on the dogs, but I am concerned about why there are still so many and how they are still alive after everything I have done to get rid of them. I don\’t know what else to do and I feel like I am losing the battle. This is taking over my life – please help!