heat source and fleas

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franglogrec asked 4 weeks ago

wanted some confirmation please
we were very close to finishing a loft conversion ( wooden floors) when my wife found a pregnant cat, and had it living with it kittens in this room,
Now we have been able to re home the cta nd the kittens, I want to continue with the painting etc, but there was a huge amount of fleas, we have bombed it a few times, and it is now down to what seems a mild infestation. but am worried that whilst working, door open and workers having to go through the house from outside to the room that until i can end the infestation i will infect the rest of the house.
I thought about hiring a heating unit , if I was able to get the temp up to 100 how long would it need to be maintained at that temp, a few hours? longer?
thanks in advance