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Jade asked 1 year ago

hello there,
ive read all the questions and some have been helpful. I’m starting to get very discouraged with my flea problem and not so sure what to do anymore. We moved into a house that is all hardwood floor no carpet. We have three cats and a dog! Never have I ever experienced fleas before. My cats have always been on preventatives from the vet and when we got our dog we started her right away. I’m starting to think that the house had them when we moved in and it was to late to realize what was going on. The beginning of November I noticed my one cat was pulling her out and was bleeding and had sores on her body. I had my sister check her who works at a vet. She didn’t see any fleas on her. Since there were no fleas on her I didn’t really worry about the other two cats or the dog. I gave her an oatmeal bath and it seemed to help her for a few days. Then I seen she was doing it again. So again I checked her but nothing. My mom mentioned that maybe since she was older she was stressed out from the new addition in the family (the dog)! So I went with that. Then I noticed the dog started itching and one night my husband and I were sitting in the floor and noticed a big flea crawling on her stomach! Instantly killed it and through her in the tub and gave her bath. I was very upset to see it was a flea because she is on prevention! So the next day my sister brought over her pill she was due in a few days and. BRoughy the cats there preventatives and we gave her a dawn dish soap bath. She brought us some mycrodex from the vet that we sprayed all over the furniture the baseboards everything. Swept mopped vacuumed cleaned everything. Didn’t see anything for two days thought we were in the clear. My three old started itching really bad and had little bumps on the back of her neck and on her lower back. She was itching so bad she was oozing and bleeding. I’m thinking great does she have lice. So I looked through her hair and I found a flea crawling in her hair. Again instantly stripped her down and threw her in the tub right away. Washed her hair really good and soaked her In the tubi went through her hair again and I pulled two dead fleas out of my daughters hair. So everyday I was checking her. We treated again 5 days after the first treatment this time we bombed our house and sprayed the mycrodex cleaned everything the whole nine yards. My dog was still biting and nipping and the cats were still itching so at this point I’ve spent well over 100$ for everything I’ve done so far! thinking maybe I was getting this under control I haven’t seen any fleas no bites just the animals itching here and there a few weeks ago we were sitting waiting in my son and my three old starts scratching really bad saying ow momma it hurts! I look at her neck and there is a flea biting her right in front of my eyes. We weren’t home we were at an appointment how did this happen? How did this disgusting thing come with us? So again I go buy more bombs and at petsmart I see these pills that you can give to cats and dogs once a day so I buy these and my dog has had six pills now and my cats have each had two (because they come with six in a box). I’m getting very upset and don’t know what to do anymore. I’m losing hope and scared for my little girl as they are only biting her. They are not biting my other two children and there not biting me or my husband. So at the last ounce of hope we bombed again sprayed everything even went as far as putting mattresses outside in our garage and spraying them. Here it is almost 2 months later and we still have the problem! Do they live in your clothes that she’s getting bit outside of our home? How are my animals still getting bit? How do the eggs keep getting Layed and hatching and feeding seeing my animals are in preventatives? I’m just lost and don’t know what to do anymore. I need help and answers please! I’m desperate and really worried about my little girl getting bit and gettomg sick! Please help!! Also I will add that we live in Illinois and it’s cold here!!! So I’m even more confused! We’ve also changed our furnace filter twice!

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Adam Retzer Staff answered 1 year ago


I’m sorry to hear about your problem. It definitely sounds frustrating.

It may be that the fleas are biting your young daughter because she spends more time near the floor, where fleas develop and emerge from.

Fleas don’t usually stay on people (or clothes) after feeding, but sometimes they will if they can’t find a way off the person.

Fleas usually can’t get into beds unless an infested animal is allowed to sleep there. Washing the bedding will kill any potential fleas developing there. It’s also a good idea to ensure the sheets aren’t hanging low to the ground. Fleas can only jump to the height of a human ankle.

The Mycodex contains the insect growth regulator (s)-methoprene, which will prevent eggs and larvae from developing. It lasts for 7 months. However, the immature stages already living in the environment may not be affected. The larvae seek out dark, protected areas which may help them avoid the sprays. As a result, it can take a while before you see the results. You’ll have to wait for all the immature fleas to mature, emerge, and die. But any new eggs that fall into the treated environment won’t survive.

It sounds like the oral medications aren’t providing adequate control. I’d recommend consulting a veterinarian about switching pet treatments. You may want to consider switching to flea drops with a dual effect (adulticide and IGR). The adulticide will quickly kill any adult fleas that jump onto the pets. The IGR will sterilize the females so they can’t lay viable eggs, even if they survive the adulticide. The IGR will also prevent any already laid eggs from developing. In addition, trace amounts of the IGR on the pets will rub off into the environment and remain active there. This is beneficial because the IGR will end up in areas where pets frequently rest (flea hot-spots).

Advantage II and Frontline Plus are the two most popular flea drops, and they both contain an adulticide and IGR. To save money, there are some generic brands of these flea drops (with exactly the same ingredients and concentrations). Advecta II is comparable to Advantage II. And Fiproguard Plus is comparable to Frontline Plus.

Flea infestations usually take around 8 weeks to completely end, but it can take longer. The problem stage with extended longevity is the pre-emerged adult. After pupating, cocooned adults can remain quiescent for up to 5 months. Most don’t, but some may. Pre-emerged adults will quickly emerge when they detect heat and pressure, such as host laying on the cocoon. Vacuuming is useful for simulating these host cues on carpets. On hardwood, it’s a bit more tricky to force emergence, because the fleas develop in cracks in the flooring, crevices around baseboards, and other areas where debris collects.

I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

Warm regards,

Danielle replied 1 year ago

You may need to treat your cars too if you let your pet take rides. That may be why you are seeing them when you are out and about.