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Kemswi111 asked 5 months ago

I looked after my friends cat for two weeks after the cat left I noticed fleas I’ve already used gas bombs and flea spray and hoovered everywhere but they don’t seam to be going I’m really fed up me and kids feel so itchy what can I do without for king out for a fumigator its become I real problem and is starting to really affect my mood

2 Answers
Natnatjane answered 5 months ago

Please can you help and advise me
I noticed my dog had fleas this morning and must have come into contact with them last night at round 11pm her last time she went out and I noticed them in the morning when we woke up. She was cut on Tuesday and didn’t have them them and also because she with me as soon as I returned from work and would have noticed them so I belived she picked them up just before we when to bed. She was braking at something in the garden before coming in but I didn’t think to look I just shouted her in and we when to bed could she had picked them up off something in the garden and what could it be. I took her to the vet and they have confirm she has fleas and treatmened her she been left in the kitchen as I was adivsed t mat take 24 hours to take effect they put a drop on the back of her neck. I also Hoover the house top to bottom 2 time and when to my local pet shop nd picked up a spay and power I brought new bedding and washed my bedding and thow her away to bye new. This is my First dog and to be honest we don’t really go anywhere and I’m just upset this as happened iv treated every room to be on the safe side and I have even orders some flea bombs I suffer with OCD so I am not sleeping at the moment sin this I feel there all over my bed biting me could this me the case or could it be all in my head please help thank you in advance¬†

Adam Retzer Staff answered 4 months ago


Please visit our page on How to get rid of fleas. I’ve tried to make this page as comprehensive as possible. Please read this page and then come back with any specific questions you may have.

Warm regards,