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Kristi asked 3 weeks ago

My cat has fleas I’ve treated her with stuff that didn’t work then went and bought advantage 2 and they are jumping off of her dead and alive. I’ve treated carpets what else can I do my poor cat is ichy 

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 6 days ago


It usually takes around 8 weeks for infestations to end, which is why pet treatments come in 3-4 month packs. This is because the bulk of infestations (95-99%) are immature stages living in the environment. All of these eggs, larvae, and pupae will continue to mature and emerge. So newly emerged adults will continue to be seen until the infestation completely ends. It’s normal to see fleas around the home and on pets, as pet treatments can take a few hours to kill the fleas. However, they shouldn’t be able to lay new eggs since the cat is treated with Advantage II. The generation currently in your home should be the last.

Home treatments can help add a 2nd layer of control, but they also won’t solve the problem immediately. Upon hatching, larvae move away from light, often deep within carpets. Sprays and other treatments can’t penetrate well into the carpet matrix. As a result, many of the immature fleas will avoid the treatment. However, most flea sprays contain an insect growth regulator, which will remain active for 7 months. New eggs and larvae that happen to fall onto the treated surfaces won’t be able to mature.

Another thing you can do to speed up the eradication process is to vacuum regularly. See our page on How often to vacuum for more details.

It sounds like you are on the right track! It will just take a bit more patience before the infestation ends.

Hope this helps!