Help please !!!

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsHelp please !!!
Darlene Chavez asked 11 months ago

Hi I’m Darlene I live in an apartment that has been infested with fleas by my sisters dog that was visiting . We let of apartment office know about the fleas and they came to spray. Then after a day we vacuumed and notice a few more fleas alive. So we decided to buy the rid aid foggers for fleas . But to be sure the fleas were gone we personally hired our own exterminator to spray again. All this happened in march 24th and we have been vacuuming everyday since then and we still see about 5 or 6 fleas jumping around ( we empty the vacuum in a clear baggy to count how many we vacuum up ) is this a normal thing to see???? How long until they are gone !

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 10 months ago


It is normal to continue seeing fleas for a while, usually around 8 weeks. The eggs dropped by the dog are developing in the environment. They’ll need to mature into adults and die before you stop seeing any fleas.

Immature stages are somewhat resistant to insecticide treatments, because they live in protected environments (deep within carpets). Vacuuming and sprays will kill some, but not all. So you’ll continue to see a few fleas here and there as they mature and emerge.

The full life cycle, from egg to adult, takes 17-26 indoors. However, some cocooned adults may enter a quiescent state for up to 5 months. This can lead to the fleas being present for an extended period.

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