How does the IGR work?

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsHow does the IGR work?
Kkelly asked 1 week ago

I moved into an apartment that had fleas. There shouldn’t have been that many because they put in new carpet the day I moved in. However, I retreated my dog within a couple of days after I realized the problem. I had to wait a week for pest control to come and the first time he did not use an IGR. The 2nd time I demanded it so he sprayed Pivot  Ultra. I vacuumed everyday after he sprayed the first time and every other day since the 2nd time. Shouldn’t the IGR keep the eggs from hatching and the larvae stage from pupating? I know the pupae stage is not going to be affected by the spray but what about the others?
Thanks for your help and for this awesome site

Kkelly replied 3 days ago

Also Adam, how often do I need this guy to come back and spray with the IGR? I an still vacuuming up live fleas?