How long to get rid of fleas

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsHow long to get rid of fleas
Donna1 asked 2 weeks ago

I had to change the treatment on my cats and dog after I found they had fleas, the new treatment was only put on, on the 29th July, even though I have seen live fleas on them I think they are dying from coming into contact with the Frontline plus, I tried treating the house with a spray and bombs but it didn’t work, so now I am alternating between hoovering and steam cleaning the carpet every morning going right through the house moving everything in each room, I have also been putting out a dish of soapy water with a lamp which is also helping with killing them, but I have noticed since starting on Monday the 31st July that I no longer have seen any larger adults only tiny little ones, If I am only seeing tiny ones does that mean I am winning against getting rid of the fleas, If so how much longer do I have to hoover and steam clean thoroughly eg. moving furniture to hoover steam clean under and around skirting boards, am I able to just hoover normally now