In a rental home, building new home

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QuestionsIn a rental home, building new home
ahquestion asked 4 weeks ago

Thanks in advance for your help!
My family of 5 just moved into a rental home that had a flea problem we were unaware of. Prior to moving in, we tore out all the carpets on the main floor. There is not any carpeting left in the house. We thoroughly cleaned all the house but it was not until we were here for one week that we noticed the first flea. Fast forward another week and I have only seen and killed two more however my 4 year old who plays on the floor has presented with quite a few bites! I caught and killed one that was biting out 2 week old as well. Very frustrating! We know the previous owner had a large dog and from what I can tell the “hot spot” for the fleas was in the corner of the room where their couch was (we quickly toured the home before they had moved out).
I suppose my biggest concern is how we can ensure that we do not take these pests into our newly built home in 5 or 6 months. We do not have a pet and do not plan to take our area rugs. Any other precautions we should take? We are vacuuming several times a week – mainly along the trim in the living room as I assume the fleas were residing at the edges of the carpet? It is my understanding that they cannot reproduce by biting just us…however can they live longer because they are biting us? We are trying to avoid chemicals with having 3 young children!
Lastly, we have not spotted any upstairs. Aside from traveling on us, is there any way that they can get upstairs? Should we be persistently vacuuming up there too? 
Thank you!