Infested home – need help

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QuestionsInfested home – need help
Adam Retzer Staff asked 2 years ago

My cat has fleas for months now. My house is infested with them we have now twice got the cat treated baught all sorts for the house . These flea boms that go of in the house and u have to leave for a few hour 10 of them. Spray,loads of powder for my carpet,they seem to be more in my carpet than any were else actually. iv spent a fortune on callors and everything; else iv mentioned oh and not to mention vet bills to get the spot on twice and to buy another 3 of son in been bitten with them every morning he wakes u . Can’t cop anymore with i . What can I do I so need help I don’t no what to do. Sandra xn

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Sandra,

Even after all proper steps have been taken, it will take 8 weeks or longer for the fleas to be completely eliminated in your home.

It sounds like you have taken many of the correct procedures to eliminate the infestation, but I’ll go over some of the important steps again, just to be certain.

Treating Pets & Killing Adult Fleas
Once adult fleas acquire a host, they’ll stay there, feeding, mating and laying eggs on the animal. It’s crucial to treat the infested pet in order to kill the adults and prevent them from laying more eggs.

Spot-on treatments are effective ways to kill and sterilize fleas on pets. Popular products for cats are Advantage II and Frontline Plus. These products contain both an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR). The adulticide (imidacloprid or fipronil) kills the adult fleas. The IGR (pyriproxyfen or methoprene) sterilizes the females so they can’t lay viable eggs.

Some flea drops don’t contain both an adulticide and IGR. For the highest efficacy, ensure you are using a product with both. It’s also crucial to closely follow the instructions on the packaging, using the full dose for the recommended duration. Being late on a monthly application can give the fleas enough time to begin laying viable eggs again.

Treating the Environment & Killing Immature Stages
95 to 99% of a flea infestation are in immature stages—eggs, larvae, and pupae. These stages usually live in carpets, rugs, and pet beds.

A crucial part of any flea control program is vacuuming frequently. Vacuum the carpeting and rugs at least every other day, focusing on areas where the cat typically rests. Vacuuming will remove some of the eggs, larva, pupae, and larval food from the carpets.

In addition to vacuuming, it’s a good idea to launder pet beds and small rugs at least once a week.

As far as products to apply to carpets (powder, sprays, etc), the most effective is to spray an IGR to the carpets. IGRs are insect hormone mimics that will stop eggs from hatching, and will stop larvae from pupating into adults. Most flea premise sprays contain an IGR in them. Look for pyriproxyfen (Nylar) or (s)-methoprene (Precor). Alternatively, you can buy an IGR alone (without any other insecticide), as IGRs are considered less toxic than traditional insecticides.

Permethrin insect repellent can be sprayed on clothing (sock and pants) to prevent flea bites. It’s also a good idea to tuck the pant legs into socks, so the fleas can’t access exposed skin.

I hope this was helpful and that the fleas in your home are extinct soon!


Miss Sheryl Marshall replied 1 year ago

HI, I have read your post with interest. I currently have a flea infestation which is mainly contained to the kids bedroom and possibility the couch. I have had the house sprayed with insecticide and growth regulator twice. The first time I hoover and was afterwards this would remove the spray so make it ineffective so had it done again. It has been a week and we are getting bitten like mad, especially the kids, they seem to have a worse reaction than the adults in the house with large red spots across their bodies. I am really struggling with not hoovering or mopping. Please help. How would I know if the fleas are getting enough of a meal to reproduce as my kids sleep 12 hours a night and wake up every morning with new bits. My daughter had a few in her hair also, it is such a waking nightmare. I don’t sleep anymore and just constantly wash and tumble dry clothes. I have already lifted every carpet, threw out every soft toy and anything toy with hair, along with all my, bags every sentimental item I ever kept. I’m at my wits ends.

Adam Retzer Staff replied 1 year ago

Hello Sheryl,

Vacuum at least every other day. You don’t need to worry about the vacuum removing the insecticide from the carpets. Studies have been done on this, and the results show it doesn’t have much of an effect. The IGR will remain active in carpeting for 7 months.

Children typically have worse reactions to insect bites than adults. This is because they haven’t been exposed to insect bites as often, and haven’t built up any immunity. This is called insect bite sensitization.

Fleas can’t reproduce human blood.

Fleas typically don’t get into people’s beds, unless an infested dog or cat sleeps there. Fleas can’t jump higher than a human ankle, so they can’t jump into the beds. Wash the bedding, and ensure the bed sheets aren’t hanging down onto the ground. You shouldn’t have any more problems with getting bitten at night.

Have you treated your pets? The infestation will likely continue unless the infested animals are properly treated. Once adult fleas acquire an animal host, they will stay there permanently. Females each lay 25 eggs a day, which will fall to the carpets to develop.

Are you sure you are dealing with fleas and not bed bugs? From your description, especially the insects biting in beds at night and finding them in hair, this doesn’t sound like fleas. Also, if you don’t have pets, then it’s almost certainly not fleas.