Monthly treated dogs with fleas

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsMonthly treated dogs with fleas
Casey asked 3 months ago

I have three dogs, who are treated every 30 days with flea and tick meds. We just went on vacation and took the pups with us and our friends we stayed with for the weekend had fleas in the house from their cats. My dogs ended up with them… how do I get rid of them? I know I’m not supposed to treat them early, and treatment doesn’t happen again until the 4th. Are the fleas they have reproducing even though they are treated? How do I help my babies until their next treatment??

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 months ago


If your dogs are properly treated, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The fleas shouldn’t survive long enough to reproduce.

Depending on the treatment you are using, you may be able to retreat them early (I apologize I couldn’t respond sooner, as this isn’t helpful now). Check the product label. For example, I know Advantage II allows retreating early in extreme circumstances.

If you are worried that the fleas may have survived on your treated dogs, then you may want to take more control measures in the environment where eggs may have fallen. For example, vacuum more regularly and consider applying an insect growth regulator (e.g. Martin’s) You can read more about effective control measures on our page How to get rid of fleas.

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