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help asked 3 weeks ago

Hi there
I was Just looking for some advice after reading through the questions and answers you’ve provided. They are very helpful and I guess I’m looking for some peace of mind. 
On Sunday evening (now Wednesday) I found flea dirt in my dogs fur – on closer inspection it was only on the lower half of his body, concentrated at the base of his spine, I did see one live flea too between his back legs. The next morning I purchased a spray from our Vets (Spray kill) and treated the whole home accordingly. I also treated the dog with his normal treatment of frontline. I have heard mixed reviews on this product since realising he has fleas but I must admit my treatment fell short – I always understood that it was to be applied every 3 months not every 6-8 wks so how we’ve gone 6 yrs flea free I do not know. 
I naturally hoover the Home everyday as he is long haired and I have a small baby, sometimes twice a day downstairs if he’s spent a lot of time in the carpeted areas. 
I have been flea combing him every evening since Monday and I am still finding 2/3 live fleas on him. 
I am so worried about us having a large infestation with a small baby crawling around everywhere! 
I have to admit that I haven’t seen any in the home nor have any of us been bitten before or after finding the flea dirt. I am going to respray the house tomorrow but wondered whether I need to do upstairs again or will the one application for now suffice (the tin does state it lasts for 12 months). Since finding the fleas too – the poor pooch has been confined to one non carpeted room of the house to try and reduce eggs landing on carpet etc and that area is hoovered at least 3 times a day. 
He did go on our sofa which has since been sprayed and cushions hoovered. It did have a protective throw over it too which along with all over throws in the house have been on a 60 degree wash and tumble dry. (His dog bedding has been thrown away). 
I only hoovered under the sofas and didn’t spray, will they move to untreated areas or should I move them out and spray there too? I don’t know if I’m being too cautious or whether that’s even possible when dealing with these critters. 
Is it safe to assume I’ve caught this early and the infestation is relatively mild or am I being completed naive? 
Thank you in advance!

help replied 3 weeks ago

Also I forgot to mention all of the dogs toys have gone through the same treatment as the throws but the baby does have a mix of toys in a box on the floor – they are mainly hard toys. Do these need treating too? If so, is there anything you would recommend that is safe for children?