Still seeing fleas after 4 months. And exterminator 4 times no pets anymore

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsStill seeing fleas after 4 months. And exterminator 4 times no pets anymore
anonymous asked 3 weeks ago

We took cats for someone for a while and it ended up that the mom had fleas when she came. 
We started treating the cat and then gave her back to the owners. 
However, we are going on 4 months of seeing fleas. We have had an exterminator come 4 times. The last time being 3 weeks ago today. I’ve vacuumed everyday since. We went a week and a half without seeing anything at all and today saw 3. I don’t get it…we don’t have pets…why can’t we get rid of them?

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 weeks ago


95-99% of flea infestations are composed of immature stages (eggs, larvae, pupae) developing in the environment. When the cats were in your home, the fleas were actively reproducing and laying eggs on the animals. The eggs aren’t sticky and fall into the environment within a few hours. The fleas you are currently seeing are the adults that matured from those eggs. However, without an animal host in your home, the current generation of fleas should be the last.

It usually takes around 2-3 months for infestations to go away once treatment begins or the host is removed. However, it can take up 5-6 months (no stage can survive longer than this). This is because, after maturing, adults can stay inside their cocoons in a quiescent (sleeping) state for up to 5 months. Heat and pressure will cause them to wake up and emerge, such as an animal resting on the cocoons. Vacuuming is another way to simulate these host cues.

It sounds like you should be coming to the end of your flea problem soon. Continue the regular vacuuming.

If you notice the flea problem getting worse, you may be dealing with human fleas (P. irritans), which is the only species that can survive and reproduce on human blood. However, you most likely aren’t dealing with this species, as it is fairly rare.

I hope this helps!


anonymous replied 1 week ago

Yes this helps…we are reaching almost 6 months now…and still seeing one or two here and there. We will go a day and see none and then like today I’ve seen two. We aren’t getting bit because we are wearing socks over our pants. So hopefully soon…I’ve never heard of the ones that survive off human bloood and I’m sure hoping that’s not what we have. Hopefully we are out of this soon..I’m entirely sick of it