We are moving!! How can we pack and not bring fleas??

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsWe are moving!! How can we pack and not bring fleas??
lee8 asked 11 months ago

A few months ago we found fleas and flea dirt on the pets – it had probably been longer than we should have for checking them so we found quite a few on each pet 3-4? We have since felt we got rid of the problem by using advantage for the dog and then the advantage for the 2 indoor cats. We vacuum regularly. It had been weeks since seeing a flea – just the other day we found a flea on my cat … no flea dirt on any animal and no other fleas on them or since. We did buy more advantage and treated the pets again. I vacuumed the house quite thoroughly moving furniture etc and then I mopped the floors and baseboards with floor cleaner and lemon and water. We are moving in 2 weeks and I’m terrified to pack up and bring the fleas with us. I also sprayed the rooms with premise 2000 flea aerosol, washed our bedding and blankets that we have on the furniture. Any tips for how to pack and know we aren’t bringing fleas with us? Is it possible the one flea came in on us or our dog and we don’t in fact have an ongoing issue? I flea comb each day for flea dirt and fleas but nothing and nothing in flea traps! Help me finish this cycle for our new home!

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Adam Retzer Staff answered 10 months ago


The new flea may have come from outside, or it may have come from the indoor environment. Premise sprays are effective at preventing newly fallen eggs from maturing, but fleas already developing in the environment are sometimes protected from sprays and vacuuming. Most of the fleas should have already emerged and died. However, a small portion of cocooned adults can remain quiescent for up to 5 months. They’ll emerge once they detect a host (heat and pressure). The new flea you saw on your cat may have been such a flea that recently emerged.

It sounds like you’ve taken all the correct procedures to control the fleas. As far as moving, there are some items that are at a greater risk of harboring fleas. It would be good idea to give special attention to sanitizing items that the pets have access to rest on. This is where eggs had an opportunity to fall.

Here’s a quick list of items that come to mind: pet bedding, rugs, cat trees, kennels, sofa cushions, crevices under sofa cushions and folds in the fabric.

Hope this helps.