When will it be safe again?

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsWhen will it be safe again?
Marryl2008 asked 6 months ago

We recently had a flea infestation after coming back from a holiday ? 
Our cat has since passed away and I have treated the house with flea bombs, this killed all of the fleas in the downstairs area of the house which is all laminate flooring and the bathroom is also flea free. The master bedroom I have floggered and sprayed also as I was concerned about fleas after still seeing one after the initial bombing. This room now also appears to be free of fleas. 
My sons room was the area of the house the cat preferred to sleep so there was a larger number of fleas here. I have bombed this single room 4 times and also used 2 whole cans of spray in just this room, I removed all bedding and washed this, I washed all teddy bears and toys (which I haven’t yet returned to the room) I pulled out the bed and sprayed under there I also used a flogger and have been hoovering everyday. But every day when I go in there to check (as I am keep the room completely sealed) I see at least 3-4 smaller fleas on my feet jumping around within a minute of being in there! I am aware that in a few weeks they won’t be able to survive as adults and die but how long will it be until they stop hatching from eggs? My son has been sleeping in our room for a week to avoid getting bitten as I can’t stand the idea of them eating him alive ? When will it be safe for him to return to his room? I have quarantined the clothes in there and I’m only allowing him to wear clothes that he wore on holiday that have been washed since and never entered his room. Will I have to wash all of the clothes in there, he has a canvas shelving unit that is about 3ft high which is open at the front and the clothes on the bottom shelve are floor height? 

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Adam Retzer Staff answered 5 months ago


It usually takes around 8 weeks until they stop emerging. Your son may get bit in his room up until then. The full flea life cycle, from egg to adult, lasts for 17-26 days. However, mature adults can stay within their cocoons in a quiescent state for up to 5 months. Most won’t enter this dormant-like state, but some will, and can cause control issues. These pre-emerged adults will wake-up and emerge once they detect heat and pressure. Vacuuming and walking around the carpets will help force them to emerge. Insecticides aren’t all that useful on these stages that are protected deep within carpets.

You shouldn’t need to worry about his clothing, unless the cat slept them on them. Fleas have no interest in clothing. The main reason why fleas may be on clothes is if the host rests on then, and then eggs fell onto the garments.

I hope this helps. And sorry for the delayed response.