Fleas after 'guest' dog but no pets now

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsFleas after 'guest' dog but no pets now
Barry asked 2 years ago

I’m so glad I found this site after a few sleepless nights last week.
Someone who was looking after our house for a week brought a dog for a few nights at the end of July. Last week I noticed about 10 flea bites on my feet and ankles, and looking back I think the dog must be the cause as we don’t have any pets. I laid down a few bowls of soapy water and wore white socks and found several fleas. I am assuming that the dog slept on my bed as I have the bites and my son doesn’t have any in a separate room. I have used Staykil profusely in most rooms, sprayed my ankles with anti-bug spray, washed all bedding, hoovered every other day, and the flea count has drastically reduced (and the biting has stopped). Should I carry on with these procedures and do you think the fleas will completely vanish soon ?

2 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Barry,

Sorry to hear about the fleas in your home.

It sounds like you’ve taken all the correct procedures. Still, you’ll likely continue to see a few adult fleas here and there for up to 8 weeks, with the numbers diminishing as time goes on. Though the spray you used is effective, a small number of immature stages in the carpeting will escape the treatment.

For the most part, your flea problem should be over. Fleas can’t reproduce on human blood. They should be extinct within your home shortly, once the current generation dies completely out.

I’d recommend still vacuuming frequently (2-3 times a week). Every other day may be overkill without pets, since no new eggs will be falling onto the carpets. Vacuuming helps remove fleas at all stages from the carpets. And it forces cocooned adults to emerge, which could otherwise stay quiescent for up to 5 months while they wait to detect a host (the vacuum simulates host cues).


Barry replied 2 years ago

Thanks so much Adam. The one good thing to come out of all this is that I’ve finally bought a decent hoover (Dyson DC40) and the amount of general dust etc it has picked up is frightening !

NanetteDurst answered 1 year ago

Go with the procedure and also take some professionals help.