Oral Flea Medication for Cats

Pills to Kill Fleas on Cats

After an adult cat flea acquires a host, it will remain there. They are permanent parasites and will only leave the host when they are groomed off, or either the host or flea dies. They rely on constant blood meals to survive and reproduce.

Oral medications for flea control typically contain the active ingredient nitenpyram, an insect neurotoxin. after a cat is given a pill, adult fleas will begin to die within 30 minutes. 90% of the corporeal flea population on the cat will die within 6 hours.

capstar oral flea meds bluecapstar oral flea meds greengeneric nitenpyram flea meds bluegeneric nitenpyram flea meds green
Product NameNovartis Capstar BlueNovartis Capstar GreenGeneric BlueGeneric Green
Size6 tablets6 tablets12 capsules10 capsules
Use OnCatsCatsCatsCats
Cat Ageover 4 weeksover 4 weeksover 4 weeksover 4 weeks
Cat Size2 to 25 lbsover 25 lbs2 to 25 lbsover 25 lbs
KillsAdult FleasAdult FleasAdult FleasAdult Fleas
Active IngredientsNitenpyramNitenpyramNitenpyramNitenpyram
A.I. Concentration11.4 mg57 mg12 mg57 mg
Dose Scheduleup to twice weeklyup to twice weeklyup to twice weeklyup to twice weekly
Product Label
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  • Nitenpyram is an insect neurotoxin, belonging to the neonicotinoids class of compounds similar to nicotine.

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