What is FleaScience?

Hi! My name is Adam Retzer. I created FleaScience.com with the goal of providing the most accurate flea control information possible.

Fleas: Adam had’em

The world’s shortest poem, likely penned by the American poet Strickland Gillilan.

Fleas are a nuisance for pet owners around the world and can be difficult to eradicate without the proper knowledge. At FleaScience, visitors can learn how to manage a flea infestation without wasting time on unproven control methods, myths, and inaccuracies.

Every article on FleaScience.com is thoroughly researched with scholarly journal articles and books on the topics of veterinary parasitology, entomology, and other related fields. Each article contains in-text citations with a complete list of references.

Why Create a Website on Fleas?

In 2011, I began building websites. Of the numerous sites I created, the most successful was about flea control. As a result, this topic garnered the majority of my time and focus. As I delved deeper into studying fleas, I got more and more fascinated. I realized that these parasites cause more problems for pet owners than I once thought. And I realized that creating a comprehensive flea control resource would be very beneficial.

When I researched fleas online, I saw that most flea-related websites contained large amounts of inaccurate information. These sites kept repeating the same myths, appearing as if they’ve all copy-and-pasted each other’s content. My own website suffered from the same inaccuracies due to lazy researching, so I took it down.

My mindset shifted towards quality and accuracy, and FleaScience was born in early 2014. I wanted to create a website that truly helps those who are dealing with a flea problem.

Further Information

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting FleaScience!

The content of FleaScience.com is intended for informational purposes only. It is not to be used as patient information, nor is it to be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment (read disclaimers).

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