Are flea eggs black?


Flea eggs are not black. They’re a translucent, off-white color. However, flea-infested pets will have black specks in their fur. This small, reddish-black matter is the dry feces from adult fleas. It’s often called flea dirt.


Flea Eggs Aren’t Black

Cat flea eggs aren’t black. They’re a semi-transparent white to off-white color. However, flea eggs can blacken if they’re treated with an insect growth regulator. After exposure, they’ll darken into a purple or brown color.

Flea Dirt is Black

When pets are infested with fleas, small dark specks will be present in their fur. The black material may be mistaken for eggs, but it’s actually the feces of adult fleas. This flea dirt consists of dry, undigested or partially-digested host blood. It’s often described as resembling black pepper, while the flea eggs look like salt.

flea dirt is black, eggs are white

Dr Zak

Img 1 These black specks in a cat’s fur are flea feces (flea dirt), not eggs.


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