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Cassie asked 1 year ago

Hi, I took in a kitten that was riddled with fleas and too underweight to be treated, I gave him a wash with washing up liquid and this killed all the fleas on him. When he was big enough i treated him with advantage or somthing?…about a month later I treated him again with a dual flea and wormer from the vets… 1 week later, I spotted him scratching. He had fleas on him, so I treated him again, that night I looked down to see 1 flea on my leg.
There an then I vacuumed the whole house top to bottom, the following morning I did the whole house with Staykill… this was about 4 days ago, today I saw him scratching again, so I bathed him and he had LOTS of fleas.
I am now FREAKING OUT! I called a fumigatior, kitten has been locked in the cellar  (it is a nice cellar) … I feel so itchy, every time one of the kids gets a spot I’m worried it’s fleas.
What is my best option here, because I feel like I need to rehome my kitten although I don’t want to. 

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Cassie,

Flea infestations usually take 2-3 to completely end. All the immature stages living in the environment need to mature, emerge as adults, and die before it will be over. This is why flea drops are given to pets at monthly treatments for at least 3 months. If any fleas emerge and find an untreated animal, they will continue to reproduce and the infestation will continue.

It’s normal to see fleas emerging from the carpets while the infestation is being eliminated. They may jump on the treated cat and not die instantly, but they will die within a few hours.

I think a lot of your concerns are answered on our page about How to get rid of fleas. Please check it out and come back here if you have any further questions.

Warm regards,