Second wave of fleas after starting treatment. No pets.

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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsSecond wave of fleas after starting treatment. No pets.
otherjustin asked 6 days ago

I’ve been poring over this site since discovering fleas in my apartment a few weeks ago.
My roommate had two cats, the second of which ended up having fleas. He moved out the Monday before Christmas (12/18/17), and I left to go to my parents’ house for the holidays a few days later. I got back and noticed fleas all over the apartment a couple days after that (12/31/17)–mostly concentrated in my roommate’s old room and some spots in the living / dining room.
Since then, I’ve sprayed the apartment twice with adulticide / IGR, I vacuum the apartment every day or every other day, and I’ve laundered / bagged all my fabrics. This seemed like it was working–I was only seeing 2 or 3 fleas per day. I wasn’t getting any new bites, and any fleas that did find their way onto my feet were picked off and killed.
However, the fleas were as thick as I’d seen them the previous week when I came home to vacuum today (1/9/18). It was warmer today than it had been all last week. My guess is that this second wave is from cocoons that are just now hatching because the conditions are better for it?
Since it’s just me in the apartment, there shouldn’t be any new eggs that have been laid since the cats left, right? All that’s left is the adults from the cats plus any immature fleas that are developing? I’m just worried that my guess is wrong, or that there’s something else I should be doing to fix this.