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QuestionsCategory: Flea InfestationsWHAT AM I DOING WRONG??
pleasehelp asked 4 months ago

So I am basically at my wits end… I can’t even begin to explain my anxiety levels.
a couple of months ago I noticed 2 fleas on my dog. I do regularly treat him with Advantix but was 2 weeks late. So I applied as normal and flea combed him. The following week he was groomed and flea shampoo was used. This routine has been done every month to the day since. 
In this time I have also boil washed anything I can get my hands on. Steam mopped and once dry resprayed aclaim and another brand.  I am now on bottle 7 or 8  maybe even more of these and the Vet has now insisted I stop spraying my house. My dog keeps having allergies to the bites.  I am hovering regularly and as I said even after I hover I obsessively spray. It’s gone to far. Now there are no fleas anywhere in my house except my bed. The dog sleeps in my bed and unfortunately I can’t now change this. They are usually dying or dead but not always. Where are they coming from. Seriously how can there still be anything living in my house!!!!
My bedroom has been getting work done and the skirting boards have been delayed by the joiner in going back up… could this be the problem the cracks in the bottom of the wall. I have also sprayed there in the mean time.
Should I have emptied all my drawers. I have emptied the low down ones.
Please someone help me with some sort of info that helps before my husband gets me locked up.  

pleasehelp replied 4 months ago

I forgot to mention I was being bitten not to much but a bit but that seems to not be happening now or not that I have any marks.

1 Answers
Adam Retzer Staff answered 4 months ago


It sounds like you’ve taken all the control measures necessary to end an infestation. It’s strange you are still seeing fleas. Usually infestations are resolved around 8 weeks after treatment begins, but it can take longer. Cocooned adults can enter a quiescent (dormant-like) state for up 5 months, but most won’t.

With the treatments you’ve employed, it shouldn’t be possible for new generations to take hold. So you are likely dealing with the last remnants of the generation that was alive when treatment began.

The Acclaim flea spray (and likely other sprays you’ve used) contains an insect growth regulator (IGR) which will last for 7 months, preventing new eggs from being able to mature. So, your vet is right, you probably shouldn’t need to continue spraying so often.

It’s bizarre you are seeing fleas on your bed and no where else. I don’t have a good explanation for this. If most are dead or dying, then they may have jumped onto your dog somewhere else and are now succumbing to the insecticide on him. Laundering your linens should kill any fleas that may be on your bed. If your dog sleeps there, it would be wise to do this often.

The cracks near the skirting may very well be where fleas are developing, especially if your dog hangs out around there. Placing a few flea traps in your home may help you pinpoint where fleas are still emerging from.

It may be a good idea to forgo the shampooing. Bathing pets can reduce the efficacy of flea drops, even though the products are often labeled as water-proof. Still, shampooing once a month shouldn’t cause too much of an effect.

It sounds like you’ve been vigilant with the control measures. It may just take a bit more patience. Continue with the monthly flea drops. And continue vacuuming regularly. Here’s a page on how often to vacuum.

If you are still feeling like the problem isn’t resolving in a few weeks, it may be a good to idea to contact an pest professional near you. Your situation sounds a little strange (fleas only in the bed), so it would be helpful to have someone assess it in person.

I hope this helps!

pleasehelp replied 4 months ago

Thank you for your advice. I feel that it is strange as well. Of course they may be other places in my home but I genuinely have never seen a single flea anywhere else.

My only other theory is they are jumping on him when I have him outside or something and he’s bringing them in. I honestly am lost on the answer.

I will be patient a little longer.

Thank you